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and her artistic approach

Eve begins by taking photos. Taking photos is not just seeing, it’s opening our eyes wide, it’s to know how to look intensely at what surrounds us, it’s to capture the precise moment, the magic of that moment, the detail, before it’s too late.

“If you want to see the invisible, observe attentively the visible” (Manuel ALAVAREZ BRAVO)

The photos are not re-touched. Eve loves the rendering of light. They are printed in an A4 format. Eve observes them, becomes imbued with them, searches even further. She can then begin her painting.







Eve Monnier.jpg

She recomposes different elements of different photos, reproduces each one of her impressions. That’s when it all comes together !

The shapes and colours intermingle, organize freely between them. Each time it’s the miracle of Creation. The real disappears to make way for another reality : the underworld, a new world and its perpetual movement. The one who stands at the separation of the private world from intimacy and the public world.

In painting this relation is routed, as a game of Russian dolls where the inside and the outside merge, where the depth of space and light makes the limit between the inside and the outside, ambiguous and indistinct.

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